I previously worked in a bank and the idea to pursue Midwifery in my 20's was quite literally a light bulb moment, after which followed 8 years of studying and volunteering before I graduated from King's College London. I then moved to Oxford where I worked in the NHS, spending half of my time on a busy obstetric unit and the other half in community running a busy antenatal clinic, providing postnatal home visits and being on call for homebirths. During this time I started to campaign for continuity of carer, through my ‘Continuity Matters’ campaign, hoping that there would one day be an opportunity to work this way. Despite loving being a midwife, I felt something was missing.

I had always known, since working with a wonderful caseload team as a student, that providing continuity was important for me but there had been few options in the past. So I was delighted to then get the opportunity to move back to London and work with Neighbourhood Midwives, an experience that has taught me about the immense power in love and birth and how hugely rewarding it is for women, babies and their families when they can get to know their midwife. Having had that experience and seen first hand the impact this has, I simply couldn’t see myself working in a way that offered anything less than that gold standard care, so I am now working as an Independent Midwife, which means I have no restrictions on the time or dedication I am able to give to families I care for.

Being a midwife isn't a job to me, its a part of who I am, built into every cell in my body, so you can trust that I put my heart and soul into the care I provide. I feel that midwives have such a unique opportunity to provide support and encouragement that can make a lifelong difference to families, an opportunity I am thankful every day for.



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