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Full Care Package

  • An initial booking appointment; When you decide to book with me the first thing I will arrange is a booking appointment where I get to know and understand about your history in terms of physical and mental health. I will talk to you about your options in terms of accessing scans, blood tests and medical care if needed. If you are entitled to NHS care these are all available for free via the NHS and you are still able to access them for this, otherwise if there are scans and/or bloods tests you wish to arrange privately then I can provide you with further infomation of how to do this at this appointment. I will also provide you with information about diet, nutrition, recommended supplements/vitamins, exercise, your rights and choices and also encourage you to start doing a bit of reading around what your options might be for place of birth (all provided in your booking folder).


  • Antenatal appointments at home; during these appointment I will discuss first and foremost how you are physically and emotionally and provide any individualised support, advice or research that addresses anything that comes up. I will check your blood pressure, test your urine, listen to baby’s heartbeat (a part I love to involve siblings with too) and assess position & size; the number of visits are individualised to your needs but meet and exceed the recommended intervals offered through the National Health Service.


  • Birth preparation; We will have discussed various aspects of birth preparation over the course of your pregnancy, but an extended birth prep session gives you and your birth partner an opportunity to discuss your birth options, what to expect from labour and birth, your preferences in a variety of circumstances plus how to prepare for the postnatal period. This is usually done at 36 weeks, however it can be combined with the booking if you book after 36 weeks.


  • Labour and birth midwifery care; I provide early labour assessment at home and at this point you can decide if you would prefer to stay at home or go into hospital. I am commited to ensuring women have the freedom to choose where they birth and not have to make a definitive answer months beforehand. The right environment for you is where your labour is more likely to progress smoothly, for some people this is home and for some this is a birth centre or labour ward. If you choose a homebirth I will have kit in my car that I can bring in and I will arrange a 2nd midwife to attend, if choosing a birth centre or labour ward then I will attend with you as your advocate, giving you one-to-one support and continuity of care throughout, regardless of place of birth.


  • Postnatal appointments; I provide frequent visits in the first week and am available to you to answer the many questions that come up as you navigate your way through life with your new baby. I will support and guide you through breastfeeding and can provide recommendations/referrals for addition support if a lactation consultant or tongue tie specialist is required. I perform the newborn blood spot screening at home and if you've had a homebirth, will arrange for the NIPE check to be complted privately at home(if your baby is born in hospital it will be done there). I continue to visit until baby reaches 4 weeks, with additional support over phone or email up to 6 weeks. As time goes on and you become more confident, the support you require becomes less frequent, this part of the care is very individualised and is tailored to what your needs are at the time.


After care with me has been completed, I will arrange a time to come and visit you, usually around 8 weeks postnatally to see how you are and also to provide you with an opportunity to talk over anything that you may want or need to. At this point I will also provide you with a copy of your notes.


I often receive enquires asking if I can provide care just for the birth without any antenatal or postnatal care and whilst I would love to be able to care for all the families I meet, I cannot provide this service. I have dedicated much of my time in recent years campaigning for continuity of carer and so I am aware of the compelling evidence showing the positive impact that having a midwife you know and trust throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally has. Providing continuity of carer forms part of my values as a midwife and therefore that is the only service that I offer. I have cared for many clients who have booked late in pregnancy and you only need to read their testimonials to understand that the value of what I offer is beneficial at any stage of pregnancy, continuity is non negotiable.