Freya - Homebirth

I rate Michala so highly, she is a wonderful midwife! Michala was one of my two midwives for my incredible home birth with my second child. She was always such a kind and generous listener, always respectful of my wishes, and let me be completely empowered during my birth, letting me follow my body’s instincts but remaining present and reassuring. I totally trusted her firm knowledge of birth and her outlook that birth should be led by the woman, and that meant that the whole experience was so calm and uninterrupted. Michala visited me several times after the birth and took so much time to just be with us, calmly talking through how we were getting on, giving lots of little gems of wisdom about babies, smiling, laughing, and building my confidence. Michala is warm and friendly, gentle, calm, knowledgeable and passionate about her work and about how a woman’s birth should be, and I felt so well supported by her.

Katie & Dennis

Michala took on a tricky case with us; as a 45yr old woman, pregnant with our first child and wanting a home birth we were under a lot of pressure from the hospital to be ‘sensible’ and follow usual procedure which meant induction at 38 weeks. We’d never endanger our child and as our pregnancy was very healthy we wanted bespoke attention and care from someone who would get to know us and our baby so when decisions needed to be made, they were decided on our medical history and not based on averages. Michala did just that and always with a smile and kindness. She monitored and advised throughout and it was only when we passed the 42 week date and my blood pressure raised slightly that we as a team, decided no longer to wait for a home birth but to go in for a c-section. Our baby girl was born hale and hearty but I had complications that wouldn't have been picked up even if we had gone the ’sensible' route. We had made the right decision, educated and avoiding any stress.

Having Michala with us for the whole journey meant that we always felt we were making informed decisions in a pressure free environment - usually at our kitchen table and always taking into account what we wanted and the safety of myself and our child. She would come over at any time, dropping anything to be with us, answer our questions and help us through situations we didn’t understand. And having her follow up care meant all of those first time mum worries just dissipated - and it really helps to see that she genuinely cares for our daughter: after us, it’s Michala that’s known her the longest! We’ve all been on an extraordinary journey together and we’ll never forget what Michala has done for us.

We can’t rate Michala highly enough or support her ethos of continuity of care, it really is life changing.

Dani & Robin

Having only just emerged from the new born bubble, I’m able to reflect on our journey through the pregnancy and birth and how lucky we were to have Michala support us.

Although my pregnancy was fairly uneventful, I’d had an unfortunate run of clinic appointments, with a different midwife every time and conflicting advice on Group B Strep. We contacted Michala when I was 36 weeks pregnant and instantly clicked.

Michala has such a calming and lovely personality, her passion for midwifery and caring for others was immediately apparent and my husband and I felt so comfortable in her presence. The importance of consistency of care, something we hadn’t really thought about, became very clear in my final weeks of pregnancy.

Although I was anxious about no longer going to NHS appointments, I feel that in my case it was the right thing to do. Michala was very informative during our appointments, and she always made sure Robin (my husband) felt included. She went above and beyond during the build up to the birth, doing her own research into GBS (including contacting a well known specialist and King’s College Hospital to ensure I could still give birth in the MLU), helping me to harvest colostrum (giving me the confidence that I would be able to breast feed) and most of all supporting me through the 12 days I was overdue. As I started to go a little mad once I’d passed my due date, Michala made a huge effort to help me relax and enjoy my final days of pregnancy. Compared to many of my NCT friends who felt that they had no option other than to be booked in for an induction, I didn’t receive any pressure and was able to explore more natural ways of getting things moving (acupuncture/reflexology/walking half on half off along the pavement).

My husband and I felt so lucky to have Michala to call when the contractions started. The build up to my labour was very quick, so she immediately made her way over. Having an extra birthing partner was incredibly valuable, my husband was by my side the entire time while Michala convinced the midwives that I didn’t need a further examination and that I should head straight to the MLU. During the 5 hours of labour in the MLU I had 5 different midwives, although they were all great and made sure they introduced themselves to me, my focus was on Robin and Michala for support. Michala’s presence was always felt during the birth but at no point did she dominate the experience. She didn’t detract form the intimate birth my husband and I had hoped for. She worked well with the hospital midwives and they didn’t seem uncomfortable to have her in the room. Again I think this is down to her light hearted and kind nature. She was a brilliant advocate for the two of us, both feeling a little shell shocked once our daughter Maggie was born, she made sure we were given plenty of skin to skin and established breast feeding.

For me personally, the most valuable time we spent with Michala was after Maggie was born. Knowing that we were going to be looked after by our own midwife made the daunting journey home with our new baby so much easier. We were visited almost every day for the next week, along with several phone calls and picture messages of all sorts. Michala was able to answer every one of our million questions and worries and was always there to tell us what a great job we were doing as new parents. Our weekly appointments continued even while I had retreated to my Mum’s house in Surrey. By this point Michala felt more like a friend popping in to see us than a midwife.

We can’t thank Michala enough for everything she has done for us. She’ll always be part of our happy memories and our daughter’s journey into the world.

Lauren & Jack - Homebirth

We had the pleasure and privilege of having Michala as the lead midwife to our wonderful home birth last October. We met Michala fairly late into the pregnancy as she was new to the Neighbourhood Midwives scheme, but instantly felt comfortable and confident with her. She was warm and understanding, and listened to everything we wanted regarding our birth plan. The regular check-ups we had with Michala were really enjoyable experiences, and I was more and more excited about the birth approaching.

I felt really relaxed and supported the whole way through my birth. Michala offered the perfect level of advice and comfort, knowing exactly what I needed without me saying anything. She always sensed if ever I didn't want to be touched, or even spoken to, and equally when I needed support, or a smile!

She and the second midwife, Lucy, let me deal with my contractions in my own way, and it felt like a calm and intimate birth. When I needed help moving things along, Michala guided me out of the birth pool and helped me work on some different positions. I never felt bossed-about, or like I was asked to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. I trusted myself because I knew Michala trusted me, and that was invaluable.

To us, the birth was amazing and couldn't have been more special. I am forever grateful to Michala for sharing that experience with us, and for her role in safely delivering our son.

Michala's aftercare was every bit as amazing. We loved having her come visit and spend time with us, and she was incredibly supportive when I had trouble with breastfeeding. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lucy & Guy - Hospital Birth

I knew that I wanted to give birth in hospital with my first baby, both for medical reasons and to have the full pain relief menu available! However, one of my biggest concerns, especially after mixed experiences at my local hospital, was dealing with lots of unknown staff in the NHS while in labour - this was why I chose to have an independent midwife so I had someone I knew I could rely on during and after my birth. My partner and I agree that this was one of the best decisions we ever made - Michala made our birth experience a thousand times easier and better. From our first meeting she understood exactly what I wanted and needed. Having her knowledge and support during my labour made all the difference in enabling us to navigate our way to the right decisions for us. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her post natal care - her warmth, humour and understanding saw me through the transition to motherhood. I feel so lucky that she was there beside us as we started life as a family.

Raman & Gurpreet - Hospital Birth

My husband and I had the absolute pleasure of being looked after by Michala. She stepped in during a tumultuous time with her own work but not once let this affect her amazing care for us.

A warm hearted person with a sensitive approach - we were fortunate to have her with us in the pregnancy period to answer my countless questions, at the birth and post pregnancy helping us to bond and look after our little one. Not only did she get to know us but we got to know her too and count her as a friend now.

I’ll never forget the calm manner in which she looked after us when I was in labour which turned into an emergency one - and also the laughs we had during it!! Chocolate anybody?! :)

I would recommend Michala in a heartbeat to anyone, and if in some haze we decide to have another one will be calling upon her again. Thank you for everything xxxx

E - Feedback after initial consultation

‘I’m so sorry for keeping you so long but time really did fly and it was so, so lovely to have the chance to talk to you - a midwife so passionate, nurturing and kind. I felt at times like I was talking to friend I had known for some time and that is reflective of the ease you put me at.  I 100% agree with/buy into your ethos of work and the emphasis on continuity of care; it’s so important and quite frankly, the world needs more midwives like you. I cannot praise you enough. It felt like you were Midwife, Doula and  friend all in one.



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